Clinical Areas

Setting the standards for specialist clinical areas.

The Pharmacy could be described as the nerve centre of any hospital and needs to be functional and efficient with clear workflows.
The Hospital Theatre is an intense environment with critical life-changing procedures taking place day and night.
The Cardiology laboratory is a critical environment where equipment and stock need to be well organised, easy to access and in exactly the right place for every procedure.
Hospital laboratories can often be overlooked in importance with Staff working in cramped conditions designed many years ago and that do not conform to current containment standards.
The ability to look inside the human body with modern scientific equipment has proved to be very important in prescribing the correct treatment and as a result, more and more decisions are made following a procedure.
Hospital outpatient rooms are very concentrated areas where hundreds of different patients are seen every day.
The accident and emergency dept. is an intense environment where intense use and rapid stock turnaround times are the norm.
Patient Bedrooms
Studies have established that a pleasant environment will aid the healing process and patient areas need to be deigned taking this into account.
Admin & Research
Administration and Research areas in Hospitals employ a lot of staff and play a critical role in helping the hospital function properly and keep up front with the latest scientific developments.
Birthing areas in Hospitals should feel like home;- they should be warm and inviting yet maintain the clinical standards required for the safe arrival of the newborn child and well being of the mother.
A child’s visit to a hospital can be a traumatic experience and providing an interesting environment with brighter colours can help children relax.