Clinical Area


The ability to look inside the human body with modern scientific equipment has proved to be very important in prescribing the correct treatment and as a result, more and more decisions are made following a procedure.

Patients are often apprehensive in these areas, especially on the first visit and it is important to make the rooms as relaxing as possible with careful choice of colours.

The number of MRI machines in the UK is steadily growing and we have a specialist range of fitted furniture and non-ferrous storage equipment suitable for these areas.

“As part of the development of our new clinical haematology project, we set a brief that requested as much ‘building in’ of service runs, cupboards and bins as possible – all of which needed to be accessible behind easy-to-clean, smooth finishes, in a range of different colours. We worked closely with Stirling Medical to develop the system we now have installed.

Stirling Medical listened carefully to our needs and worked hard to develop a suitable product that meets the needs of the patient, the nursing staff, the cleaners and the maintenance team. It was an enjoyable process and I would hope to work with them again in the future”

Southampton General Hospital

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