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The Cardiology laboratory is a critical environment where equipment and stock need to be well organised, easy to access and in exactly the right place for every procedure.

By combining specialist storage components with HTM71 modular systems, along with our experience and expertise in the field we can help you achieve your goals within budget and with a long-last solution that staff are pleased to work with.

Systemed components have been designed to highest standards with a 10-year free-replacement guarantee for faulty parts.

"Thank you for the presentation which I think showed an overall view of all your products. It was nice to see some of your products on show and be able to discuss them with you. I particularly like the flexibility of your company and the way you are prepared to help to resolve any problem we might have. I also like your R&D and continuous effort to improve your products or add to it.

I believe there are no products on the market comparable with yours, together with the fantastic service you provide I have no hesitation in continuing to specify Stirling."

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

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