Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, Catheter Lab 3

Location: Harefield Hospital, Cath Lab 3

Following on from previous Catheter Laboratory projects at the Trust, Stirling Medical were asked again to fit out the new laboratory areas due to a good report and user experience from the previous fit-outs.

Cath lab 3 had space challenges around the equipment, and tall plinth mounted and mobile Systemed Catheter cabinets with sliding glass doors were chosen. This created a higher level Catheter Lab result for the users without the need to leave space for cabinet door swings when using hinged doors and provide improved stock visibility when compared with tambour doors. The project included fitting high level cupboards above the tall units to maximise storage with the high ceilings in the laboratory and a special ventilated cabinet for the IT equipment with perforated clear Perspex doors. The large mobile storage units included in the supply were stored in a separate areas to be used as required, and removed when not needed.

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