Why Mobile?

Mobile HTM71 cabinets provide more flexible storage than fixed cabinets by allowing clinical spaces to be used for alternative needs and situations very simply. Further benefits include:-

  • Future proofing: – Change room layouts to suit different functions as requirements change
  • Cleaning: – Move cabinets around simply to ensure that no areas of the floor are untouched
  • Practical benefits: – Bring clinical stock closer to patient bedsides for example in an Anaesthetic Room
  • Temporary storage: – Provide efficient and cost effective HTM71 storage modules for temporary storage during ward refurbishment projects
  • Installation: – Avoid fixing noise and dust associated with Installations.


The Systeméd XSTOR range of mobile units includes both tall and base cabinets in popular HTM71 modular sizes enabling you to get maximum storage benefit in limited available space. The units are designed to provide a permanent, quick and effective solution for the storage of all clinical stock without the interruptions associated with the installation of fitted furniture.

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Bring your Catheter Stock room to the operating table!


Utilising Systeméd modular mobile storage units with aluminium glass framed doors and telescopic catheter holders will help ensure that your Catheter Lab will operate efficiently. We provide different types of holders to suit hospital procedures and the toughed glass doors will ensure that stock is efficiently organised, visible and safe.  When the units are not required they can be simply wheeled out of the Theatre, back to the stock room, reloaded and stocked up again ready for the next procedure.

High density Systeméd HTM71 mobile storage units with tambour doors providing enormous capacity.

The Three-section mobile tambour storage units provide enormous storage capacity :-virtually a stock room on wheels! This particular unit includes a Catheter hanging section with strong nylon coated telescopic in-line holders for easy stock retrieval. This is just one of the many standard cabinet modules that can be provided as a mobile unit. Please enquire for more information.

Mobile cabinets with colour coded drawers in use at Southampton University Hospital Emergency Resusc dept. Contact us today for more information.

ICU Nurse station with dimmable LED lighting and Swipe card access to drugs

The Systeméd  ICU Nurses stations in use at the Royal Surrey University Hospital in Guildford are robust units with dimmable LED sensor lighting strip for night-time dispensing. The ICU stations also include a Glass fronted medicines cabinet with swipe card access with audit trail and management control facility. Constructed from HP Laminate and compact grade laminate material the units are double sided and provide a useful partition between patient beds. Contact us for more information on our range of mobile ICU Nurse stations and Drugs cabinet locking systems.

Temporary Storage solutions for refurbishment projects

Relieve the pressures associated with decanting clinical areas for refurbishment projects by arranging for a run of mobile Systeméd T40 style HTM71 storage units and setting them up in a temporary location. These units provide very efficient storage with almost no wasted space and provide the perfect option for setting up a temporary clinical stock room.

It is important to remember that mobile cabinets are not trolleys; i.e. they are not designed to be wheeled around a hospital vigorously on a daily basis. The wheels are generally smaller and the fixing method to the units means that they are not designed to withstand the changes to floor types and constant bumping over door or area thresholds. Medical Trolleys will normally have larger wheels connected to a metal tubing framework.

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