SKU: T.206545.SW1.000.000

ADB Code: Unknown
Generic Code: T60/O


T60 Tall Cabinet
Dimensions: 2100 x
450 x
655mm (HxWxD)

The T60 cabinet is one of the mainstays of HTM71 modular storage and provides useful wide fronted access for stock retrieval. All codes and dimensions are based on cabinets supplied on adjustable legs with a 100mm high plinth and standard cabinet lock. A mobile option is only available with an open cabinet. The System├ęd sloping top system will add 280mm to the overall height which means a minimum room ceiling height of 2400mm is required when added to the standard unit. Tambour door cabinets are supplied with a spring assisted roller mechanism to help provide smooth and easy operation of the tambour door. The roller housing increases the cabinet height by 250mm, therefore a minimum room ceiling height of 2650mm is needed for a cupboard with a tambour door and sloping top. For lower ceiling heights, a vertical boxing panel is recommended provided lighting and ventilation fittings are not obstructed.

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