Harefield Hospital Cath Lab

The brand new Catheter Laboratory at Harefield Hospital combines high quality Systeméd components with close attention to detail to help ensure that the multi-million pound investment in new equipment functions in the most efficient way possible.

Mobile Catheter cabinets with glass doors bring additional capacity right up to the operating table

Sliding Glass door tall Systeméd cabinets and special IT Cabinet with hinged perforated Perspex doors

Included in the project was the supply of our Aluminium framed toughed glass doors on a sliding mechanism so as to provide the users with the ability to carry out quick visual  stock recognition while shut and minimum encroachment on staff movement areas when open. The large IT Cabinet in the Control Room was supplied with perforated Perspex doors to provide secure storage and ventilation to expensive IT equipment. This also included heavy duty compact grade laminate shelves with reinforcement bars to make sure the shelves were properly supported for the heavy IT equipment and would not sag over their length with the long spans involved. Additional high level cabinets included on the project help to ensure there is no wasted space where there are very high ceilings and provide storage for items that are not used so frequently.

Systeméd modular storage:- attention to detail

It is the attention to detail that makes Systeméd products so special. Everything is designed to improve the functionality, durability and relevance of the products supplied to help make the Clinicians task easier. Sliding door systems to reduce space required for door swing, Heavy duty hinges for unrestricted access in areas with more space, profiled drugs shelves to help with stock rotation, high level cabinets to maximise use of high ceiling areas, pull out telescopic dispensing shelves and discussions with the users regarding the best type of catheter holder to use to help make the end result be the best outcome possible.

" We have used Stirling for the last 10 years within our Cardiac Catheter Lab Installations and have been impressed with the quality of the storage solutions and the workmanship throughout each and every project"

Divisional Intervention Lead, Harefield Cath Labs and Theatres Departments, 24/11/21

Systeméd Aluminium framed toughened glass doors

The  hinges combined with the Systemed aluminium framed glass doors are fully HTM compliant and provide robust and secure storage and full unrestricted access when open. When the doors are shut, staff are still able to see the stock  inside quickly and save time by not looking inside the wrong cabinet for what is needed. The outside face of the door can be kept free from labels making them easier to clean and be the preferred choice for infection prevention teams.