Barrd® Intelligent Security

The Barrd® range of products relates to the security of medicines and drugs. The products have have been developed over many years from real life use and study and include both Hardware and Software components.

Hardware components

Barrd® through bolt fixing methodology is simple yet effective and more than doubles traditional cabinet screw fixing and hold strength. Instead of using wood screws to fix key components like hinges and lock plates, machine screws instead pass through the door panel into a threaded metal stud which provides a very secure fixing point.

Controlled Drugs Safe fixing plates

Barrd® CD Safe fixing plates are White powder coated steel plates compatible with Systemed safes and are provided for situations where a controlled drugs safe needs to be fixed to a partition wall. BS2881 states that where it is not possible to bolt a safe to a wall of solid construction (eg Brick. Concrete blocks or reinforced concrete) then the safe should be fixed by bolts passing trough the wall to a steel late of at least 3mm thickness.  with M10 machine bolts welded to the plate from the inside face.

Barrd® Software components

Certain requirements for the storage of medicines are fundamental regarding the strength of the cabinet and fixing requirements. Assuming the main standards are met, the main challenges in todays hospital environment are the management and traceability of access. The Barrd 6G locking system uses Mifare technology which is the most widespread system available. Existing staff swipe cards can be programmed to release the lock according to the access level required. Cloud based system with ability to provide managers with a full audit trail.